I Am 6 Weeks Post Breast Op and Have Developed Swollen Lymph Nodes Under the Left Armpit?

No redness, no fever, however there is a pain under in the armpit and in the shoulders. My GP has prescribed antibiotics until I see my CS. I am worried that this is a sign of a rupture or muscle tear or breast injury...

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If you have concerns that are related to your cosmetic surgery, see your plastic surgeon

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If you think that something is going on that is related to your recent cosmetic procedure, you should contact your plastic surgeon.  Family doctors are not experts in post-surgical issues and they may overlook something your plastic surgeon would treat early on, or dismiss as a normal post-surgical swelling.
How do you know you have swollen lymph nodes and not something else?
If you have just pain in the shoulder/armpit area this could be just normal stretching/tension after a recent surgery that doesn't need antibiotics, esp since you say there is no redness/fever.  If you have swollen tender lumps in the armpit, this could be fluid/collection, infection, or just postop swelling.  Your plastic surgeon is the best person to see and ask.

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6 wks after breast augmentation and swollen glands?

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It is unusual to have swollen glands after breast surgery but I suppose it could happen. Best to be seen by your plastic surgeon as well to se if there is a problem.

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Swollen lymph nodes in the armpit after breast augmentation is rare in might be a sign of another condition.

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Swollen lymph nodes after breast augmentation is extremely unlikely. The nose might be a sign of some other condition possibly of early breast implant infection. I think you should take this up with your surgeon immediately.

Swollen Lymph Nodes 6 Weeks after Breast Surgery

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    If you had a breast augmentation, the swelling may be a normal variant, a fluid collection, hematoma, etc.  This is so difficult to answer without pictures or an exam. 

Swollen Lymph Nodes Under the Left Armpit?

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This is more likely a sign of your recent surgery than of the injuries you wonder about. Do follow with your surgeon and/or GP until these are resolved. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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