I Have a Weak Chin but Also Very Bad Teeth. Do You Think Braces Could Fix my Look a Lot? (photo)

I'm 24 male. I have a really weak chin and was wondering if bracers could fix my weak chin at all. When I smile my chin looks perfectly fine but when my mouth is closed from a side angle it is very noticeable. Wondering if getting bracers to pull my teeth back since you can also tell my face points to my point which points quite a bit depending the way my head is postured.

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Braces (orthodontic treatment) can help your teeth!

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Yes, braces can help you.  Your teeth appear to be very crowded and protrusive.  If an orthodontist corrects your bite and reduces the protrusion of your teeth it can help improve the definition of the area between your lower lip and chin, which is called the labial-mental fold.  I highly recommend that you see an Orthodontist for an evaluation, your comments above (as part of you chief compliant)  would also be very helpful for the orthodontist to consider when planning your treatment.  Best of luck!

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