I Want to Know if the Pain and Feelings I Have After a Mini TT and Lipo Are Normal?

I had a mini tt and lipo 10 wks ago. I have been gently exercising the whole time been feeling great and started to up the intensity of my workouts and attend my boxing classes two weeks ago This week I notice that the area around my scar is very tender and sore and my stomach feels bruised to touch, but no bruising sometimes I get little sharp niggles in random places. I wondered if this was normal or if I have done something to harm it. Ive had massage appointments and there is no pain during

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Yes, it is common to have odd sensations and discomfort after this type of surgery. Usually it becomes less and less frequent and intense until it is gone, usually by 6-12 months.Increasing activity levels and make these somewhat worse for a time.

No cause for alarm.

Thanks, best wishes.


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Sensory issues after a tummy tuck

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Sensory changes are fairly normal after surgery and with time the sensation usually improves.  If concerned see your surgeon.

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