I Want to Reshape my Eyes Whatare my Options?

I have small almond shaped eyes, and tbey dont have a lot of fat but there is some excess Skin id like to get ride of i am an 18 year old female.

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Please post photos

Honestly, without photos, it will be impossible to give you a proper recommendation. You could have mild ptosis [eyelid droop], full eyebrows, asymmetric eyelid creases, etc. etc.

Please post a photo.

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Wanting Bigger Eyes

If what you're talking about is a Westernization procedure, that involves the creation of a tarsal crease. Typical of the Western upper eye lid. You're smart to be warry of letting a doctor due too much fat rescetion as this can make you look old before your time. Sometimes a form of brow lift will make the eyes look larger and more open. Ask your surgeon if you are a candidate for a brow lift created by using Botox, or Dysport. To echo what others have said posting a photo would help.

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Optimal Age for Blepharoplasty

Your photos would be most helpful to give additional information.  In general 18 years old seems a bit young to have a significant amount of eyelid skin to be removed with blepharoplasty.  Although creating a lid crease or a double eyelid procedure, as is often performed in asian blepharoplasty, is frequently performed at these younger ages.


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Reshaping of eyes

Without pictures, it's impossible to give you options or even know if you are a candidate for eyelid surgery.  

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