I Want my Tip Smaller. What Procedure Do You Recommend? (photo)

Hello Doctors, I want nose reconstruction, I want the tip smaller, my nose does not lay flat but the cartilage on the tip is too round like a bulb. its round I wanted to know is there a way a doctor can thin out that cartilage on the tip and give me a very defined tip NOT like Michael Jackson something soft but definitely more defined.

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Nasal tip plasty in African American nose has skin structural limits

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As heading of this reply implies your thick nasal skin and naturally wide alar cartilages are amenable to a degree of improvement but not 100% correction.  

In such situations I prefer a closed nasal tip plasty to reduce width of cartilages at nasal tip.  I don't like grafts since they have a way of showing through skin after swelling has subsided.

However to have maximal slenederization of our nose you should consider a complete rhinoplasty.  I that case the operation will go beyond your nasal tip and will also accomplish narrowing of your nose and your nostrils.  Effect of each of these manuevers will add and add and you will have a more meaningfull achievement.

Tip reduction in rhinoplasty

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It is likely that a tip refinement can achieve some of the elements that you desire.  It is most likely a combination of resection of the upper portion of the tip cartilages and then a graft on the tip of some form.  Your plastic surgeon may also have some other suggestions.

Talmage Raine MD FACS


Smaller tip after rhinoplasty

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The shape of the nasal tip can be modified by shaping the exisitng cartilage, though more often the case in African-American rhinoplasty is thicker skin and lack of tip support. The tip can be thinned and refined by adding visible tip grafts rather than reducing the thin cartilage present.

The nasal tip in African American noses can be made smaller by using grafts

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There are a number of ways to obtain more tip definition in an African American nose. The cartilage tends to be weak and the skin thick. Adding a tip graft will press into the skin and give more definition. Also, narrowing the nostrils can often help as well.

Steven J. Pearlman, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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I Want my Tip Smaller. What Procedure Do You Recommend?

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A rhinoplasty can accomplish your goals. The nasal tip can be refined and reshaped. If you also desire building up the nasal bridge, a common request, that can also be performed. As Dr. Fleming noted this can also be performed with narrowing of the base to decrease the width of the lower part of the nose, if you desire. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Ethnic nose solutions

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Preserving cartilage is very important so that as we age our nose doesn't collapse or look worse in time.... However, there are ways to define the tip of your nose and make is smaller using appropriate techniques without sacrificing cartilage. These techniques will not only improve your looks but will insure your nose will stand the test of time....NOT like Michael Jackson's nose (rest his soul).

James Chan, MD
Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Afro-american rhinoplasty

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What you have is a rounded tip with outward rolling of the 2 C-shaped tip cartilages. The result you are looking for is achieved by narrowing the alar base, rolling the 2 C-shaped cartilages inward, fixing the cartilages in place with sutures and then trimming these cartilages and grafting the dome as needed. Thinning the cartilage will not give you what you are looking for.

My response to your question/post does not represent formal medical advice or constitute a doctor patient relationship. You need to consult with i.e. personally see a board certified plastic surgeon in order to receive a formal evaluation and develop a doctor patient relationship.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

African American Rhinoplasty

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  • African American rhinoplasty requires a totally different approach vs. Caucasian noses.
  • Rather than removing cartilage, grafting of cartilage to the tip of the nose gives it more definition. Narrowing the nostrils is also beneficial. The nasal bones are usually very small and thick. The bridge of the nose can be refined by adding cartilage grafts creating the illusion of a more narrow bridge vs. osteatomies (breaking the nasal bones to make them more narrow).
  • We are also seeing a growing trend where patients don't want to change their ethnic appearance completely. They prefer to refine things without drastic changes.


Ran Y. Rubinstein, MD
Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 156 reviews

Correction of Bulbous Nasal Tip

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Although you do have thicker nasal skin your tip can be narrowed and refined by changing the contour of the tip cartilages and adding support with a small cartilage graft. The base of your nose can also be narrowed and the nostril flare reduced.  

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 40 reviews

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