I Want to Get a Chemical Peel Done to Lighten Acne Hyperpigmentation but I'm Afraid of Enlarging my Pores Even More?

I already have extemely large pores from years and years of bad acne and extremely oily skin. I don't want them to become even larger. Is this a possibility?

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Chemical Peel and Large Pores

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Thank you for your question. Large pores and oily skin can be helped by continuing exfoliating products and treatments such as vitamin A creams, peels, and photodynamic therapy. You should seek the opinions of a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon with expertise in cosmetic procedures to explore all options. I hope this helps.

TCA Peels and Acne

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Although anything is possible it is unlikely as most chemical peels and laser treatments actually reduce pore size and to some degree is beneficial for most acne patients. I prefer a TCA peel for this purpose.

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