I Want to Do a Alarplasty Alone. Im Going to Post a Picture. But I Never Did Any Surgery or Anything (photo)

I went to 3 or 4 doctors already but im really afraid of going wrong. Im man so i REALLY didnt want something that everybody would notice. Im from Brazil, so i went to ivo pitangy clinic (hes not the doctor that would do the surgery tho), the doctor said its a simple procedure and she would ''take'' 1mm or 2mm. She said i wouldnt be allowed to do any exercice or get sun for two months. The idea of total anestesia is not something that i like too Im posting a picture so you can comment.

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Alarplasty as a stand alone procedure

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Doing an alarplasty procedure by itself is an acceptable procedure and can be done under local anesthesia.  About 3-4 mm of excess skin at the base of the nostrils is removed, which narrows the nostrils in an appropriate fashion so that they are better balanced with the rest of the nasal features.

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I Want to Do a Alarplasty Alone. Im Going to Post a Picture. But I Never Did Any Surgery or Anything

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Sounds and appears as a very easy operative plan. If you  are so concerned than return for more detailed discussion. 

Alar Base Reduction

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Alar base reduction surgery can be performed under local anesthesia.  It is a very popular procedure and can be successfully performed in experienced hands.  Procedures for men have different goals than for women so it is important that you go to someone who understands the differences.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can best assist you in achieving the results you seek. 

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Alar plas

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This is a straightforward procedure that could be done under local anesthesia also.  However, "minor"surgery is surgery done to someone else, only proceed if it feels right for you.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
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Nasal Alarplasty

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The pictures you submitted show that an alarplasty would be an excellent procedure for you. In experienced hands there is truly minimal risks and could be done with just local anesthesia. It is normal to be nervous before any surgical procedure.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Alarplasty is a simple procedure for reducing flared nostrils

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If this is the only condition you are seeking treatment for, it can often performed under local anesthesia with no more discomfort than injecting facial fillers.

However, what appears to be flared nostrils may be from other conditions such as mis-shapen nostril cartilages or other tip issues. A thorough discussion with your surgeon will help determine what is best for you. If you have any doubts, get a second opinion from a rhinoplasty expert.

Steven J. Pearlman, MD
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An alarplasty is a relatively straighforward procedure that for the right patient can be done under local anesthesia.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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