Is Melasma Related to External Skin Or is it an Internal Body Deficiency?

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RE: External and Internal Causes of Melasma

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Melasma is a condition that stems from both internal and external dynamics.

People who have this condition are often genetically predisposed to it.

Their skin will produce high levels of melanin in response to hormonal changes like pregnancy.

And sun exposure also plays a part.  Melanin is also secreted as a way to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.  But it will be secreted in much higher quantities in those with the genetic predisposition. 

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Melasma is mainly external

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Melasma is a condition that is made worse by ultraviolet light (specially UVA) , visible light and heat.  Patients who are predisposed to get this condition tend to have some natural pigment in their skin.  Hormonal changes such as pregnancy and even use of birth control pills can increase the pigment production in the skin as well.  It is not related to any dietary or other internal deficiency.  Fraxel Laser, especially the Dual 1927 wavelength, works well for this problem.  Hope this helps.  

Elizabeth Piantanida, MD
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