Diagnosed Acne Rosacea, Already on Accutane. Is It Effective Enough to Treat my Flushing?

i am on accutane from last one week and clindamycin topically.Is it effective enough?Ii do have sever flushing issue, using mild cleanser but as i use moisturiser even mild label calming moisturiser after 2 to 3 hours my cheeks start getting heat up and again flushed and den if i wash my face it use to get better.. which moisturiser or cream i can use.which will sooth my skin not irriate in day time. I am so worried as i am not using any thing ,my skin is getting so dry and flaky.what to do?

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Accutane and rosacea

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A low dose regimen of Accutane helps with rosacea, and of course, acne. If you have excessive dryness or redness, a good general moisturizer is a thicker kind that comes either in a tube or a jar. Thicker moisturizers don't come in pump bottles. Personally I've always liked Lubriderm or CeraVe, and they have some nice thick ones that can be applied to the full body. I also recommend hydrocortisone 1% which is available for a few dollars at any pharmacy. For a cleanser I usually stick with something very mild like regular Dove. It's moisturizing and won't strip your skin like other soaps and cleansers. Before you apply any moisturizer, get your skin lightly wet. It helps break the barrier and allow the products to penetrate the dryness better. You should apply the moisturizer and hydrocortisone a few times a day.

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