I Had a Vaser Lipo 2 Time on my Legs Now I Need 3 Th One with Fat Transfer What Can I Do?

I had a vaser lipo 2 years ago on my inner and outer tights ,wasn't ok,i had a second one 6 month ago that left me with big lumps on my tights,now my doctor want to do 3 th one with fat transfer to can even my legs,i don't know what to do,I'm scare if and this time he wo.nt make it ok,Is the same doctor and I'm scare of it now but i cannot afford to pay different doctor for a vaser lipo again,i don't know what to do!!!!I need a advise pleases

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Multiple Vaser Lipo Treatments

Thank you for your question. I would at least get a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and find out your options. If your Doctor was not trained in the fashion of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, they may not be able to make you better. Be cautious and don't just get it done because of price.  I hope this helps.

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VASER® Lipo with Fat Transfer to Fix Lumps on Thighs

The indication for reoperation (I’m guessing without seeing your photos) is over-suctioning in the areas you describe. Also, the least elasticity is on the inner thighs and is fraught with the potential for contour irregularities even in the best of hands. Also, you don't mention your age; know that the skin loses elasticity as we age, which may have contributed to your problems. 

If you’ve already undergone a second procedure, before you undergo a third one, I urge you to obtain a second opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon with a lot of experience with VASER® Lipo and fat transfer. The money you think you’re saving now by having the same physician operate on your again may not seem as important once you see your next round of results.

See the link below for some before/afters of thighs treated with VASER® lipo.

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Without picture or exam we cannot answer your question. Maybe you should get a second opinion before you let the same doctor do you procedure if you were not happy 2 times already.


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