I Have Uneven Round Eyes...not Familiar with the Terms? (photo)

i was thinking of have an asian eyelid surgery to make the folds more prominent and raised up since i only have a fold on one eye.. am i also a candidate for lateral canthoplasty since i feel like my eyes are too short horizontally in proportion to my frontal face..i also feel like my eyes look rounder because of this. thanks

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What can be done for uneven round eyes

It seems to me your pictures were perhaps taken at different time periods and I wish I knew which picture was taken most recently because I see somewhat different findings in these pictures. I hope you understand the picture don't always represent true you and in-person consultation is the best way to make the right assessment.  

If I just look at your first two pictures, to achieve best symmetry, I may recommend right Asian eyelid surgery, medial epicantholasty, and perhaps ptosis repair if present (I need to examine you to make definitive diagnosis). 

On the other hand, if I base my recommendation on the last two pictures, I might suggest right Asian eyelid surgery only.

Like any other surgery, understanding what can be safely and predictably done to achieve best symmetry, and their limitations is the key to having a good outcome. 



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The terms you are seeking is called canthopexy/canthoplasty. I would urge you not to have this done electively. This procedure done cosmetically, more often than not, ends up looking unnatural, leading to very unhappy patients.

Done for reconstructive reasons, it is quite useful. I would not recommend it for you.

If you really want to pursue this, I would recommend getting a consultation with an Oculoplastics Surgeon. You can find one close to you at asoprs dot org.

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With Asian eyelid surgery, you should correct upper eyelid muscle weakness...

...on your right eye. The side with the crease is slightly weaker (opens less) than the opposite eye. To get a symmetric result, the muscle needs to be tightened on the right side to match it with the left side.

Charles S. Lee, MD
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