I Have an Umbilical Hernia and Severe Narcolepsy/Cataplexy?

Due to the cataplexy, exercise is very hard as it sends me into attacks. I was exercising and I could feel the hernia move. I honestly thought I had a floating kidney but my neurologists nurse said it was a hernia today. I have gained allot of weight in 4 years and now weigh 400 lb. I am afraid to have surgery at my weight. How can I diet to lose some weight quickly. I want to lose some weight before I go to a doctor. Is Adkins best?

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400 pounds - tummy tuck?

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You are not at a safe weight to perform tummy tuck.  I recommend weight loss surgery.

Umbilical Hernia Repair at 400 lbs.

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   Although many plastic surgeons will repair hernias at the time of a tummy tuck, umbilical hernia repair at 400 lbs will likely lead to recurrence.  Weight loss, either medical or surgical, may be indicated in your case prior to surgery.

Overweight with hernia

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This is not a site on which I would look for diet advice. Better is to discuss this with your primary physician. A referral for weight loss surgery may be in order--you will certainly qualify by weight standards. Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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