Tore my TT Stitches 1 Month Post Op?

I has an abdominoplasty One month later, I noticed a bulge under my rib cage. Bulge became more prominent , PS said I had tore my stitches and he said he will need to redo the whole ab wall after 4-5 months. I can only think of a few times I felt pain, but I had a lot of vomiting after the surgery. Am I prone to tear again & Will it take longer to scar over & heal? I'm 59, so does healing slow down? I wore spanx with the binder-now I don't think it was enough..or too much on the lower.

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Tearing plication sutures

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It is possible for you to have torn your plication sutures from excessive heaving from vomiting or over exertion during the early post-op period.

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Tore my TT Stitches 1 Month Post Op?

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Severe vomitting may well have been the cause. Healing after a redo operation should not take any longer. Doing all that is possible to minimize nausea makes sense. Discuss pre and post op meds with your surgeon and/or anesthesiologist. Narcotic pain meds are a major cause of nausea, so using a pain pump or Exparel will provide 3 days of local anesthesia to the abdomen, and cut down on pain med needs. A good support garment will also be helpful.

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Re-do tummy tuck

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Any time you are having something done for the second time, it will take longer to heal.  At 59, you will definitely heal slower than your 20 something year old friends.  If you follow your doctor's instructions exactly you should heal well the second time around but you definitely are at higher risk for a problem than someone who has never had a tummy tuck.  Good luck.

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