I Should of Ask if They Want to Put a Needle in the Cyst Will It Puncture my Implants?

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Cyst and Implant Rupture

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   Any type of drainage with a sharp needle to a breast with implants carries the risk of implant rupture.


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There is always a risk of puncturing the implant when a needle is inserted in a breast with implants. They are well aware of the implants while they are aspirating your cyst.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Needle Aspiration with Breast Implants

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Be certain that the doctor performing your aspiration is well aware of your breast implants. Although it is possible to pierce an implant during an aspiration, if the doctor is aware, he/she can alter the technique used to prevent rupturing your implant.

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Needle Aspiration Of A Breast Cyst - Can It Puncture My Breast Implant?

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Interventional radiologists routinely needle breast cysts under ultrasonic guidance.  Be sure your radiologist has a great deal of experience doing such needle biopsies in the presence of a breast implant.

The danger to your breast implant is increased depending on how close the cyst is to the implant and whether your implant is above or below the pectoralis muscle.  Be sure your plastic surgeon communicates with your radiologist to decrease a chance of an implant rupture and also to alert the radiologist as to any potential breast abnormalities that your plastic surgeon found during your breast augmentation.

Cyst aspiration and breast implants

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Often the radiologists are quite good about aspirating fluid from a cyst withour puncturing the implant. This is done under ultrasound guidance but there is still a risk.



Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Cyst aspiration and implants

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Depending on the location of the cyst in relation to the implants, aspiration can be accomplished with ultrasound guidance.  There is always a possibility of implant damage, however, with the prevalence of women with implants, most breast radiologists are well versed in this procedure.  The only other caveat to consider is preprocedure antibiotics so you do not seed the implant with bacteria.  Good luck and please proceed with your procedure so you can get a diagnosis of your breast mass.

Breast Cyst, Breast Implants and Cyst Aspiration?

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Thank you for the question.

 Generally speaking, I would not suggest needle aspiration of the cyst without some kind of radiologic guidance;  I would have the same concerns about the possibility of breast implant rupture has you have expressed in your question.  It is possible that the cyst may be aspirated under ultrasound guidance;  make sure you are working with providers with significant experience performing these procedures.

 Best wishes.

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