I Just Started a Serious Workout Program - Why Am I Breaking out So Badly?

I am a 17 year old girl and just started a serious workout program called "Insanity," however, I have noticed that I am suddenly breaking out pretty badly on my face. I am only a week into it. By the end of the workout, my whole body is sweaty so, naturally, I take a shower and wash. I normally have pretty good skin. About 4 years ago, I went through an entire course of accutane and have had nice skin - until now. Is it the exercising that is doing this, and if so, how can I stop it?

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Working Out and Breaking Out

Thank you for your question. The increase in activity could very well be making you breakout. If you are sweating, taking a shower and washing your face immediately after will be beneficial. You can use an over the counter benzoyl peroxide wash to help cleanse the affected areas. If the wash doesn't help you may need prescription topicals prescribed by a board certified dermatologist to help.  I hope this helps.

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