I Have a Stage 3 Scar Tissue and Need a Capsulectomy. Its Only Been 6 Months Since my Surgery?

\I have a stage 3 scar tissue and need a capsulectomy. its only been 6 months since my surgery. Im in severe pain and the Dr. quoted me 4,000 to have the capsulectomy. Since i just spent 5,000 to have the breast augmentation i cant afford it and I'm in such bad pain i have to miss work some days. Shouldn't the surgeon fix this at no charge since its only been 6 months?! im desperate to get out of pain. plus on the left side my muscle is still attached some so when i flex it looks terrible.

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Capsule contracture repair should be done with care

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Capsule contracture can be a difficult issue to treat since it is prone to recurrence.  For proper treatments all of the capsule should be removed, implants should be replaced, and you may consider a drain placed for a few days as well as taking certain medications such as singulair for about 3 months.  The main point will be to do everything possible to fix the problem and not have it recur since recurrence will add additional cost and time down the road.  If finances are a big issue I recommend capsulectomy and implant removal.  At this time you would wait at least 3 months from having the augmentation process re-done, or longer if finances are an issue.  The longer that you wait the better in terms of recurrence.

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Early Post Operative Capsular Contracture

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Capsular contracture is a common occurrence, ranging in reported rates from 1.3% to as high as 30% for patients who have breast implants. Although a great deal of progress has been made, the exact reason behind the formation of capsular contractures remains a mystery. Because of this the only effective treatment is revision surgery.

There is very little that your surgeon can do to avoid the formation of a capsular contracture. This is an unfortunate early complication, and associated with a high rate of recurrence after treatment of patients who had their implants originally placed in the submuscular plane.

Most surgeons will waive a portion if not all of their fees depending on the situation. I recommend that you follow up with you surgeon and discuss your concerns with them.

Good luck.

Cost of capsulectomy for contracture

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This is the most common complication of breast implants even though more than 90% of patients will get by without it.  Unfortunately it is not something your doctor can control other than doing it all correctly and with all the anti-CC measure that are out there.  It still happens though and it is your body over-reacting to the implants.  So you need to cover some costs here in most offices.

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