I Had a Small 34 C(my Breast Didn't Fill the Bra Cup) Pre-op, I Had 616cc Allergen?

Im 5'5, 130 pounds...I had a small 34 c(my breast didn't fill the bra cup) pre-op, I had 616cc Allergen Silicone breast implants. It has been almost 3 months,Post Op, I wear a 36-40 DD, my breast implants are still settling the Dr. told me because I went sooo big...I was told by the pre-op nurse, that used the vectra machine, I'd be a DD-G, I told the Dr, I wanted big boobs... What will they settle to? They dont look right yet.....They still seem to be adjusting? How long does it take ?

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Breast Size After Aug

I could not agree more with my colleague. First without pictures is is hard to really say how things are looking. You certainly need to give implants about 6 months or so to settle. I tell all of my patients that they can toss cup size out of the window. It only matters how you feel with you breast size when you look at them. Every company's bras are so very different and one bra might be a D cup on you and another a G cup so forget cup size. It has very little importance in my mind. I think the real deal here for you is to communicate with your surgeon, and give this another 3-6 months as your implants start to settle. 


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Concerns about Breast Size after Breast Augmentation…

As you can imagine, it is not possible to give you precise advice without direct examination or viewing pictures.

Generally speaking, it may take 6 months to a year before patients see the final results of breast augmentation surgery. You are correct in that, at 3 months,  your breasts implants may still be in the “settling” process.

 I would suggest continued patience and follow up with your plastic surgeon. I would also suggest that you do not base your satisfaction with the outcome of surgery on achieving a specific cup size.  As you know, cup sizes may vary from one bra manufacturer to another.

Best wishes.

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Breast Size after augmentation

I tell my patients that it may take up to a year for everything to settle in, and it may well be the case with you.  I know that it’s difficult to be patient in these circumstances, but it really does take time. 

Jonathan Ross Berman, M.D. , F.A.C.S.

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