I Have a Severe Overbite (Malocclusion) As a Result of Jawbone Growth. Would Invisalign Remedy This?

I am a college sophomore and do not want traditional braces (already had them for four years). As a result of my malocclusion, only the two back teeth on each side touch when I bite. This is causing wear and tear on my teeth. I even fractured a tooth from bruxism. Would I be a candidate for invisalign?

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It sounds like your first attempt at orthodontic treatment for four years was NOT a success.  It may have been all that could be done given the growth problem that was present.  It sounds like you need a complete re-evaluation and likely a new , VERY CAREFULLY PLANNED orthodontic treatment to solve the remaining problems.  It might mean some type of surgical approach to compensate for the "growth problems" that have occurred   Sometimes it is possible to close the open bite by intruding posterior teeth with T.A.D.s to reduce the height of the back teeth.  You need a very good orthodontist so talk to several and get really good explanations that make sense to you before you commit to treatment.   Ask to see several similar cases that he has personally treated and see if you like the looks of the results.  Forget invisalign for something like this, these are difficult even with the best quality braces.

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Will Invisalign Fix an Overbite?

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What you are referring to as an "overbite" sounds more like an "overjet." Both are malocclsions but very different in their treatment. Without pictures I can't say for sure which you have. If it's truly an overbite then Invisalign could help. If it is an overjet then Invisalign will not generally work very well to correct your malocclusion.

Good luck!

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