I Have Severe Capsular Contracture and Have Had the Aspen Procedure Done, the Implants Feel Like Rocks I Hate Them?

I got implants june 2009 when i turned 18, now i am 21 and i have severe contracture, my boobs are lumpy, uncomfortable and i just want them out. I have ruined my body. I am considering surgery because I feel that even with the aspen method, which i have had done at my doctor for 80 dollars I think I had it done 4 or 5 times a few months ago, the implants have always been uncomfortable and I have always felt little pockets on them. What do I do? Does Aspen solve severe contracture?

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Implants Feel Like Rocks I Hate Them?

Sounds like you have answered your own question when you say you want them out. That is certainly a completely acceptable choice, though you should be aware of the other options. It sounds like you have been through at least some of the non-operative options, although not specifically mentioned is a trial of singulair, and asthma med that has improved contractures in some patients. 

Operative choices include capsulectomy, removal of the entire capsule, and packet change to under the muscle if yours are currently above. They also include the use of an acellular dermal matrix (Strattice) to cover part of the implant and reduce the chances of contracture. Third option is removal. Depending upon skin elasticity, size of implants, size of native breast tissue, you may or may not need to consider whether a breast lift needs to be done either at the time of removal, or after several months if the skin does not shrink as much as desired. 

Thank you for your question. Best of luck with the decision process. It is complicated. 

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Are you in front or behind the muscle?  In either case, you should undergo complete capsulectomy with exchange of implants.  Your implants should be behind the muscle.  Appropriate use of antibiotics placed around the implants at the time of implantation will decrease the likelihood of developing capsular contracture significantly.  When done properly, the capsular contracture rate should be less than 5%.

Good Luck,

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Severe capsular contracture. Options?

Hard to say without photos or exam.  There are non operative modalities, (taking singulair, message, Aspen treatment, short course steroids, etc).  There are also operative modalities, (capsulectomy, capsulotomy, change of pocket, placement of ADM, removal).  Please speak with your plastic surgeon about all your options. You may be a better candidate for one over the other.

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Capsular Contracture and Taking Implants Out

      Taking the implants out in your situation would not be the first option I would offer.  I would offer one of a number of procedures, which have a 70% of greater chance of solving this issue.  These are proven surgical procedures not Aspen.

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