Having a Septoplasy, Bilateral Endoscopic Intranasal, Ethmoidectomies, Bilateral Partial Turbinectomies and Nasal Endoscopy?

Hello I am having that procedure above. I have heard that the tissue can grow back. How comon is this? What is the chance of tisssue growing back? My surgeon has told me that there is a very small chance that you can be blind after the operation. This freaks me out a little. Appreciate your assistance.

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Tissue regrowth after endoscopic sinus surgery and turbinectomy

Endoscopic sinus surgery is performed to open up the windows into the sinuses and to remove polyps that are present inside the sinuses. Patients with severe allergies tend to grow polyps back faster than those without severe allergies and turbinates can grow back after they have been trimmed, but this is again usually due to severe allergies that are uncontrolled. The amount of polyps that return is variable and depends upon the patient. The chance of blindness after the ethmoidectomy is exceedingly rare and I have never seen that in my practice.

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Rhinoplasty septoplasty

Septoplasty is a very common procedure as is the nasal endoscopy and turbinate reduction.  The complication rate from these operations are very low.  The turbinates can also be reduced with endoscopic assistance and a turbinate blade which works very well.  These are most commonly done to open up the airway and allow for better nasal breathing and function.

AS for the ethmoidectomies, those are done for persistent sinusitis which is evident from a coronal CT scan and failure of medical management.  There are risks from that surgery of which blindness is one but very rare.

If the sinus surgery is not done properly, the natural drainage of the sinueses will not occur and you can have recurrent problems.

If done well, the septum will not grow back and the turbinates usually respond very well to surgery.

you may need ongoing medical management if you suffer from allergies, etc.


good luck.

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The complication rate from endoscopic sinus surgery is extremely low in skilled hands

The quoted rate for recurrance of sinus symptom is around 15%. This is because surgery addresses anatomical problems. Sinus are also subject to physiology such as allergies and reaction to the environment. Surgery only fixes the first one. As for complications, they used to be more common but as the techniques improve and surgical skills mature the chance of eye problems is extremely rare in skilled hands.

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