I Had a Septal Hematoma 10 Days After my Rhinoplasty. It Was Drained, but Will my Nose Be Okay?

After the packing was taken out I noticed a bubble/blister looking thing sticking out of the side of my septum. The doctor noticed it and decided to drain it during one of my visits and gave me antibiotics. My nose looks so much better with it removed, but I guess, after reading what's on the internet, I'm worried that this could turn into a bigger problem. Are my worries legitimate or is it not such a big deal since it's been treated?

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Septal hematoma and drainage

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If a septal hematoma was treated early enough, then there is realtively little risk of furture problems. If the septal mucosa turned dark and became a big scab then it would be more worrisome.

Septal Hematoma Drainage

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    If the septal hematoma was drained soon enough, the pressure on the septum likely did not do any permanent damage.  Followup exam would be necessary to confirm.

Septal Hematoma is a serious problem

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If managed well you may have a very good outcome from a septal hematoma.  The great fear is that the collection of blood injures the cartilage and causes the cartilage to die.  If managed appropriately and in a timely fashion this can be prevented.

Robert Mounsey, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

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