I Have a Sensitive Spot in One Particular Area of a Rebonded Tooth. What Causes This?

I had my front tooth re-bonded. I now have a small area on the back of the tooth that is very sensitive. I get sharp zingers from eating food w/ tiny hard particles, and it hurts to floss. You can find and touch it w/ a finger nail. I had the tooth adjusted twice, which only made it worse. The dentist offered to redo the tooth, so he did. The spot is still there and now I have prolonged heat sensitivity. My dentist is short on solutions or explanations. What can be causing this?

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Sensitive spot on tooth?

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Sometimes when dentist adjust the bite or do bonding we damage or remove the tooths outer covering called enamel and expose the sensitive material called dentin, I suggest you consider the rx's prevident 5000 sensitive or control RX for 3-4 weeks bushing this material on your teeth at bedtime and then have nothing to eat or drink until morning, if that doesn't do it root canal or cover the entire tooth with a crown. Good luck


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