I Have Scoliosis and Wondering About Sizing and Profile of the Two Implants?

Tall, thin 34 AA. My left is bigger than my right due to scoliosis. At first, 286cc left, 304cc right (both mod profile) looked even. I went back this week. Couldn't get them to look even (any sizing). Finally we tried a high prof 375cc on right and 286 mod. prof on left. They looked even. Will I get natural looking results with one high profile and the other moderate (Silicone)? BA in 2 weeks. Nervous about sizing. Seeking confidence that I can get even results, not perfection.

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Scoliosis and apparent breast size

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I agree with Dr. Baxter's response. We don't have a simple way to measure breast volume and the appearance of size and asymmetry can be affected by chest wall, shape, and position as well as actual volume difference. 

I haven't found external sizers to be helpful in this issue but if there is an apparent 1/2 cup difference in apparent breast size, it would be appropriate to use implants of the same diameter (that match the interior width of your breast) and use one profile for the larger side and the next profile up for the smaller side. The chest wall will not change. 

Boulder Plastic Surgeon

Different implants for asymmetry

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The issue with scoliosis is that the breasts may not actually be different sizes but appear different because of rib cage asymmetry. It is not uncommon to use a high profile on one side and a moderate profile on the other. That allows for the implants to be about the same diameter but different projection, which in turn compensates for the rib cage issue.

I Have Scoliosis and Wondering About Sizing and Profile of the Two Implants

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Without photos it is hard to give much useful advise. 

One issue with scoliosis is that often the rib cage is not symmetric. As a result, what looks even in clothes may not look even without clothes, and vice versa.. You are going to have to rely upon your surgeons understanding of your goals, and the surgeon's judgement. Consider posting some photos and you might get some more specific suggestions.

Thanks for your question, best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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