I Have a Scar on my Nose and Uneven Nostrils, What Are my Surgery Options? (photo)

I have a scar on the tip of my nose and I'm wondering if surgery to remove it would be a good idea? I have tried v beam laser but it's not working. I also have very uneven nostrils and am wondering if anything can be done about them.

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Surgery options for nose with scar and uneven nostrils

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The scar on the tip of the nose is an extremely difficult problem to deal with and should not be surgically corrected.  Laser treatment, such as Fraxel or dermabrasion, could be considered.  Asymmetric nostrils can be adjusted with a combination of either cartilage grafts along the alar rim or a composite graft of both skin and cartilage taken from inside the nose and transplanted over to improve the alar notching and retraction on the one nostril.

Improving scarring and nostril asymmetry with rhinoplasty

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There are some resurfacing options which may soften the look of your scar, including dermabrasion or fractionated laser treatments.  The v-beam pulsed dye laser works best for erythematous (red) scars which are immature, so I don't expect you will get much more benefit from that.  In terms of your nostril asymmetry, rhinoplasty could certainly improve it.  Depending on how else you would want to change the shape of your nose, open rhinoplasty would probably be the best way to address your concerns regarding your nostril asymmetry.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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