I Rubbed my Eye 2 Times Gently in the First Day After LASIK Surgery?

I just did a LASIK surgery and bare in mind since my cornea wall wall thin it was done on the surface with no flap. I have gentle wiped my eye once due to smearing of the eye drops one stroke by accident and once will sleep also one gentle stroke for something on my eye lash, also removed sleepers from the corner of the eye is this cause damage l. And would the damage be clear right away?

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Eye rubbing after LASIK

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In general, eye rubbing should be avoided after LASIK. Most displaced and wrinkled flaps occur during the first few hours after the LASIK procedure. Signs of a displaced flap are pain or a foreign body sensation and reduced vision. Patients who inadvertently rub their eye during the first few days after LASIK who experience these symptoms should contact their surgeon right away. If your procedure did not involve the creation of a flap, then you really did not have LASIK but perhaps a PRK procedure. Since there was no flap, you really could not have a flap displacement and the accidental rubbing of the eye is less likely to cause a problem.

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