I Rhinophyma Since 5+ Years(Heriditary:father) There're Quit Few Nodules on the All over Nose. I Have an Type Indian Skin Tone.

I have thickening on tip of nose which I absolutely hate. Which of these two lasers, Erbium Yag or Fraxel, would improve my condition? I am on Tazora. It didnt helped me much but my main concern is the thickening on and nodules end of nose which looks very unpleasant. In future, I will go under rhinoplasty (cleft lip,palate). Plastic surgeon suggested me to go for laser tx to thin out nose skin and can give better shape. Will it be safe for me(Indian skin Type) to go for a laser resurfacing tx?

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The best laser for rhinophyma is the carbon dioxide laser.  Unfortunately, if you are Indian, you have have an issue with dark pigmentation of your skin afterwards.  Be prepared to need treatments with skin care products before and after surgery to try to prevent and/or treat an increase in pigment on your nose.  

Laser for rhinophyma

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Co2 laser resurfacing is the gold standard for treating rhinophyma.

While laser resurfacing can potentially alter pigment it is a miner consideration when treating rhinophyma patients.  All resurfacing procedures from laser, dermabrasion, surgical shave excision all have potential risk of poor healing, scarring,  and alteration of pigmentation.  For rhinophyma patients  this tends to be less of a concern. I use the ultrapulse fractionated co2 often combined with ellman radiofrequency shave excision and have had real success in  treating patients even those with Fitzpatrick type 4 skin.

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