I Had Revision Rhinoplasty Two Weeks Ago I Had my Bridge Narrowed and Tip Reduced,my Nose is Big? (photo)

this was my second revision the first two surgeries were so bad the last doctor left me with a deviated septum the tip had no definition asymmetrical and it was hanging down ,now my doctor narrowed the bridge and reduced the tip ,when we talked before the surgery i told him specificly i want it to be smaller and not round! i still feel its so round and big however i think the bridge is narrower,is it just swelling or is my nose too big despite the swelling?? is it going to stay li

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

If you're only 2 weeks out from your revision rhinoplasty, I would say it is very, very early to be concerned about the appearance of the tip.  You will probably find that over the next couple of weeks the tip will become even more defined.  Because it is the most dependent part of the nose and close to the incision, the tip tends to swell the most and for the longest.  I would continue to follow up with your surgeon and, more importantly, be patient as your nose looks much improved compared to before.   Good luck.

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