I Recently Had a Lollipop Lift and Went to a Smaller Implant and I Am Disappointed?

I just had a lift & a revision to a smaller implant. After surgery they were perfect. One week out I was concerned about a lump & bruising that wasnt subsiding. I then woke with blood all over & had a opening in my scar. Dr squeezed out 50 cc of blood & my breast symmetry has been on the decline ever since. I now notice the breast folds are way off & I have two entirely different breasts from nipple alignment, to texture, and shape? I am 3 weeks post surgery. Is there hope this will even out?

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The fact that these looked good right after surgery is a good sign. At three weeks there is nothing immediate to do but wait. There is reason to hope for improvement, but time will tell. Allow about 3 months before any decision about whether a touch up procedure is reasonable to consider.

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Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift revision works.

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It is early but it does not sound good.  Not much to do right now.  Wait several months and get another opinion.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Breast asymmetry

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At three weeks post-op there really is not much to do at this point except wait and see how they look over time. Things may even out a bit more as the swelling subsides.  Follow closely.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Uneven breasts

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Hi Shella, sorry to hear you're having difficulties with the surgery.  It sound like you developed a hematoma (collection of blood)  that was at least partially drained.  Given that your breasts looked symmetric immediately after surgery is a good sign.   It sounds like the hematoma and its effects are distorting your shape now.  Your surgeon will need to decide on whether there is a need to take you back to the operating room at this time or just wait until your healing stabilizes and the results define themselves. 

Hope it all works out for you


Ary Krau, MD, FACS
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Lollipop Lift and Implants with Asymmetry

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               This is difficult to evaluate without pictures, but my best advice is to talk to your surgeon and give your body time to heal.  Did you have significant asymmetry, constricted breasts, or other anatomical concerns that would have made the surgery more difficult for the surgeon to achieve symmetry?  If your breasts were the same size and the same level of droop, it is reasonable to expect similarly symmetric breasts postoperatively.   

                Sometimes the swelling masks slight imperfections.  If the breasts are markedly different, you should have a discussion with your plastic surgeon.      The important thing is to heal first.  The addition of the hematoma makes your course less predictable.  No revision surgery should be performed for at least 3 months, and your surgeon may decide to wait longer.  You may not even need a revision. 

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