I Had Questions on Having my Breasts Redone After 7 Years Do to Encapsulation?

7 years ago I had breast impants but a year ago I felt rippling and pain in my breast. i had it Checked and it's encapsulated. My MD agreed to fix it, but I have concerns. His placement of my implants made it difficult to wear strapless dresses because if I raise my arms, my nipple will shows it sitso 1/3 to top of breast (my current breast size is a 34D). I want to get it redone & have problems fixed, but can I trust him? I have told him about it 6 years ago-but he said it was fine.

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Please send pictures

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You can get second opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon about your options.Your picture can help us to give you better answer.  

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Breast Revision Surgery: Picking the Right Doctor

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Breast revision surgery is done for various reasons.   Improving breast shape or treating encapsulation are common reasons.   I would interview several doctors if you are considering a revisional surgery so that you learn the options.  If your nipple placement is not ideal preoperatively, the nipple can be lowered or raised at the time of the revisional surgery.   You can choose the right doctor by meeting several board certified plastic surgeons in your area, getting referrals from friends, and asking good questions. 

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Returning to previous plastic surgeon

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It's hard for me to tell without a photo. The bottom line is that if you believe that your plastic surgeon understands your concerns and can deliver for you, than go for it. It never hurts to get another opinion.

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