I Have a Question. My Nephew Has Microtia Atresia. What Would Be the Best Procedure?

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Best Procedure for Microtia Atresia Depends on the Type

Without pictures, it would be difficult to tell you exactly what needs to be performed. Microtia Atresia has different "Type's" depending on the amount of skin and cartilage that is present or absent.  Therefore, depending on how much of an ear is present will determine what procedure(s) are necessary. It could vary from re-arranging skin and cartilage to grafting from rib cartilage to possibly using an synthetic implant.  Please have your nephew see a Board Certified Facial Plastic or Plastic Surgeon for a consultation.

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Reconstruction of the Microtia Ear Deformity

Microtia is the most complex form of ear reconstruction and involves multiple stages to build an ear. Generally, the procedure is not done until the child is at least age 6. The first stage is the most challenging and important and is best done with rib cartilage grafts to create the basic framework. Subsequent stages provide definition such as teh creation of the sulcus behind the ear and a frntal tragus.

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What options are available for treatment of microtia with ear canal atresia?

There are too many options for a detailed discussion here. However, microtia repair involves creating a natural looking ear from an ear with inadequate shape or an ear that is lacking all natural landmarks. The options include using a synthetic implant such as Medpor, carving a rib graft into the shape of an ear or attaching a prosthesis (false ear). Each has its own set of pros and cons. With regard to the canal atresia, some patients choose to have an ear canal created while others opt for a bone anchored hearing aid BAHA to improve hearing without creating an ear canal. It's very important that if a patient chooses to undergo atresia repair and microtia repair that the surgeons coordinate the procedures and communicate well. For optimal results, the two procedures truly need to be planned together though they will be performed separately. I hope this information is helpful.

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microtia atresia is very complex, and can be associated with hemifacial micrsomia. This will require  a major center and an expert in all the fields involved.

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