I Have a Quarter Size Indentation in the Mid-cheek After a Facelift/fat Transfer 1 Month Ago. What Can Be Done to Correct It?

I am 1 month post-op from a short-scar vertical facelift and full face fat transfer. Initially, there were two large lumps on one side of my face that I could feel. The larger lump was in the upper cheek area, then about a 1/2 inch space and a smaller lump below. My face was rather large from the swelling and now that the swelling is gone, my face is so much thinner and I see an indentation between the two lumps. Will this correct over time?

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Indentation on the Face after Fat Grafting and Facelift

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    At one month, this may improve to some degree.  If after 3 months this is still an issue, fat can be grafted into the defect.

Indentation after a facelift

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You ar in the very early stages of healing and these type of irregularities are common.  I will surely improves and if not completely, your plastic surgeon has many way to improve it.

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