I Had PRK Immediately Following an Incomplete Flap During Lasik.I Am Wondering if I Need an Enhancement Due to an Astigmatism?

I was having Lasik surgery and my doctor stated I had an incomplete flap. He immediately did PRK with MMC. I have an astimatism of sphere +0.25, cyclinder -1.00, axis 70. My doctor said he would do the enhancement but that I should really think about it due to risks. I told him that my vision is blurry on my right eye and he then did my eye exam and determined I did have the enhancement and would do the surgery. Do you think it is worth doing the surgery or should I just live with the blurriness?

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Fixing messed up LASIK flaps

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Your doctor should have waited 1-3 months after a botched flap before performing the safer surface ablation over your messed up flap that you should have had in the first place

New York Ophthalmologist

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