I Seen Some Post Where in Other States Its Cheaper then Maryland. Is That True?

Not really sure my body type. I awaiting my appointment now. But i was told $17,000. I live in Maryland. Now other people post from other states are cheaper is that true.

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Price of Brazilian Butt Lift

Yes, the prices are extremely variable.  The price is dependent on so many different factors.  Shop around!  Only visit surgeons that are well qualified, then choose the one that you are most comfortable with.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift

The prices will vary considerably between surgeon adn geographic region. In NYC, the prices range around $8,000-10,000 for qualified board certified plastic surgeons. If you are requesting significantly more areas of liposuction, then this will increase your price of course.

Matthew Schulman, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilian Buttlift Cost

    The Brazilian buttlift typically costs $6000 to $15000 in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. I hope that helps.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift

If the price that you are being quoted is more than you can afford for a Brazilian Butt Lift, I would recommend first evaluating financing options such as Care Credit which you can apply for online.  If that is not an option, you may be able to find the procedure less expensive in another location, but make sure you are comparing apples to apples and that you insist on a board certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck.

Sacha Obaid, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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