I Am Planning on Getting a Lift and Implants in a Month and my Dr Wants to Remove Some of my Breast Tissue?

Im 5'4 148 pounds. Im a 34 D. I know he said my breast are 7 inches below where theey should be. Was thinking about getting silicone.

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Tissue removal common with breast lift

A breast lift involves removing some of the breast tissue to achieve a perkier contour, and the amount depends on the extent of correction desired. 

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Breast Augmentation with Tissue Removal

I agree with your doctor based on the information you are giving. I remove breast tissue with almost all breast augmentation lift procedures. The lower pole of breast, the tissue and skin below the nipple, tends to be the worst tissue as far as support and quality in the breast. I often resect this tissue during an augmentation lift procedure because it is the tissue that will bottom out over time. Ask your surgeon what that means to bottom out. But, it sounds like you are getting good advice. I hope you have chosen a board certified plastic surgeon for your breast surgery. If you trust you surgeon I think you are getting good advice.

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Breast lifts, implants, and removing breast tissue

It is not actually necessary to remove any breast tissue in a lift unless a particular technique requires it. There is a minor amount of fat and connective tissue removed along the inframammary crease but it is not a significant volume. Skin is removed in a lift but this also doesn't result in a significant volume difference. 

It does not make sense to me to remove breast tissue and replace it with a synthetic implant in a cosmetic breast procedure unless it was to balance a larger side with a smaller side. 

If your nipple-areola position is truly 7 inches below the inframammary crease level, then I would strongly recommend a lift alone and not put in an implant at the same time. It requires quite a bit of tissue gathering to get everything lifted properly and adding a pocket and implant at the same time works against the lift as well as complicates things and adds to the risk of a poor outcome that requires a revision. I would concentrate on the lift and decide later on whether an implant is truly needed. 

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Breast Lift and Augmentation

Usually a small amount of skin and subcutaneous tissue is removed with the breast lift. So, perhaps this is what your surgeon was referring to when you say that your "doctor wants to remove some breast tissue." If your breasts are "saggy" and "deflated" then it sounds like a lift and augmentation are the right things to do to improve your breasts.

Thanks for your question. Best of luck!

Gregory Park, MD
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A full breast lift will remove only 20-40grams per breast. You do not need implants if you like your present size!

From your question and follow-up comment, it appears you have lots of ptosis (sag), but does your breast tissue actually "fill" a D-cup bra? Even with as much skin removal and tightening as it appears you need, the actual volume of tissue (skin only) removed with a full breast lift is just over an ounce per side. This pretty much leaves you the size you are now, but in a higher, tighter skin brassiere!

You may indeed want additional volume in the form of silicone implants, but adding 450-475cc per side is adding just slightly less than 2 cup sizes to your present size. So if you wear, but do not fill, a D-cup bra, then I understand. But if you really have adequate breast volume and simply need lots of lifting, then you either don't need implants, or need ones that are somewhat smaller.

As other have stated, without photographs or physical examination in person, it is impossible to give better advice than the general guidelines above. For one of my patients with a similar degree of size and droop (maybe not 7 inches), click on the web reference below. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen 

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Breast lift and augmentation

Breast lifts and simultaneous augmentation is commonly performed for ptosis and loss of central medial volume. typically a small amount of tissue has to be removed to reshape the lower pole of the breast.

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Should I have breast tissue removed when I have a breast lift and implant placement?

You cenrtainly can have a lift and implant placement for improvment of your breast.  You should clarify how much tissue is removed.  The majority of this is a skin excision usually.  It is important to consult with your Board Certified Plastic surgeon.

Lift, implants, removal of tissue

I see the question mark, but I am not sure what the question is. At any rate, it is not possible to give you a useful response without some photos to look at. Photos are very helpful, but of course not comparable to an actual exam. 

If your current breast size is satisfactory, I would question removing significant amounts of tissue and then replacing that with an implant. If you wish to be larger, an implant makes perfect sense. Some tissue is always removed during a lift, but typically it is in the range of a tablespoonful or two.

Consider adding some photos, and you will improve the chances of getting useful advice.

Thank you and best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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