I Have 2 Pea Sized Sun Spots on my Temple and I Am 26 Yrs Old Asian Female?

What is the best treatment to remove them and estimated costs? I currently use SPF 35 to avoid future damage, but these ones came up in my early 20s, when I wasn't so protective of my skin.

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Sun spots on Asian skin

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Q-switched lasers like the Ruby, alexandrite and Nd:yag are excellent and the gold standard for sun spot removal.  Given that you have Asian skin, it is probably best to do a test spot too and in some cases your best bet may be the q-switched Nd:yag to prevent post- treatment hyperpigmentation.  Strict sun avoidance before and after is a must as well!

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Sun Spots and Asian Skin

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Hello Lisa and thank you for your question.  I, too, would recommend a Q-switched laser.  At our med spa and laser center, Chic Esthetiq, we use the Revlite SI laser system for pigmented lesion removal.  It is well known outside the US as one of the best for removing pigmented lesions on asian skin.  I hope this helps and best of luck.  Robert Kratschmer, MD

Q-switched Lasers for Sun Spots

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Hi Lisa.  We believe that the most effective way to treat sun spots is with a q-switched laser.  Because this laser is powerful enough to remove birthmarks and tattoos, it has a pretty easy time of permanently removing sun spots.  Permanent removal is something IPL treatments struggle with.

Take a view of the before and after photos at the link below to see the results of these treatments.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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