I Have PCOS, I Get IPL Hair for Bikini Area and Get my Periods Every Time After the Treatment?

i have PCOS,irregural periods,i have had 4 treatment of IPL hair removel done to my,full bikini area,almost full body.Now i normally get my periods every 3 to 4 months later. however i have noticed that everytime i get the IPL treatments done on my bikini area i start getting my periods on the same day,i have the treatment after 4 weeks or 6 weeks.after some treatment i got spot bleeding for 10/11 day and other time i got my normal heavy periods.is the bleeding because of IPLor is it my period.

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IPL hair removal treatments and PCOS

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Your IPL treatments do not have an effect on your periods.  It is just coincidental that your periods are now more regular than before.  It is best to consult your physician who is following your PCOS.

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