I Have an Overbite, Though Not Too Big, Am I a Candidate for a Chin Implant?

Hello, I've been told that I needed jaw surgery to correct an overbite with I was 13 years old. I ended up not going through with it and was wondering instead, if a chin implant would do the trick as well? My overbite is not too extreme by any means. Due to financial reasonings, I'd rather go through with a chin implant instead of oral surgery.

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Chin Implant Instead of Jaw Surgery

A chin implant could well be a subsitute for the cosmetic effects of jaw surgery. It would depend on how significant your chin deficiency is. With a small overbite by your description that would suggest that your horizontal chin deficiency is les than 10 mms...well within the range of a what c chin implant can achieve.

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Will a Chin Implant Make You Happy? It Depends Why You Are Doing It

The answer to your question ultimately depends on why you are considering the surgery in the first place. If you are thinking about the surgery for cosmetic reasons (stronger chin, better profile, improved definition between the jaw line and the neck), then a chin implant (with or without a small amount of neck liposuction done at the same time to get the best possible results) would work well for you. If, on the other hand, your overbite is at least a part of your issue, then a chin implant (while improving your appearance) is not going to effect the overbite at all, and would therefore not be a good option for you. In this case, jaw surgery would be needed to correct the overbite (and could be done in a way to help with the appearance of the chin at the same time). As with most of my consultations prior to surgery, figuring out the real reason for the surgery is perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle. Once we have figured out what you really want to accomplish, we can make sure that we are recommending the surgery that will give you the results that will make you happy. Good luck.

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Chin implant and overbite

Yes, a chin implant will help correct a weak chin, but will do nothing to improve your bite. In the long term, an uncorrected malocclusion (teeth not fitting together properly) can lead to problems with your TMJ, including headaches and joint arthritis.

I'd recommend reconsidering formal jaw surgery, and if you don't (and are young) - have your chin bone advanced; it will lead to far fewer functional and cosmetic problems in the long term.

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I Have an Overbite, Though Not Too Big, Am I a Candidate for a Chin Implant?

If you have an overbite and a "weak" chin then a chin implant will likely improve your profile and the strength of your chin. You could submit photos to get a more specific answer. My only caveat is that a chin implant will not do anything to change your bite. If that is an issue for you, either jaw surgery or orthodontia can improve your bite. However, from a cosmetic standpoint and chin implant will augment your chin and refine your profile. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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