I Have a Noticable Vien That Pops out in Between my Eyebrow After Receiving Botox. What Can It Be? Will It Go Away?

I recieved botox about 3 weeks ago and now I notice when I smile are laugh I have a HUGE vein that pops out in between my brow and up my forehead. I have been getting botox for a while now and this has never happened before. I did go to a new Dr. to get the botox the last time and I am wondering if they injected a vein. Please help. I am wondering if it will go away.

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Vein On Forehead After Botox

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The prominence of the vein will most likely go away as the botox wears off.  As the other doctors have commented, when the muscles on the forehead are relaxed, sometimes underlying structures may become more apparent. You should consider going back to your injector, as they know exactly where they injected you to determine if this is the case.  I would not consider getting sclerotherapy of your prominent vein, as this is most likely temporary, and there are plenty of reports in the medical literature of the adverse effects from sclerosing facial veins, especially when they run along the midface. 

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Vein on Forehead after Botox

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Most likely the muscles under the vein are relaxed now, and therefore the vein is surfacing. When muscles can move more freely, veins are less apparent, but when the movement stops, sometimes veins can appear. Your new injector may have injected into muscles you haven't had done before, or a slightly different amount into the muscles, and therefore they are more relaxed and thus, the vein is more apparent. The easiest solution is to see a good physician injector who does sclerotherapy to the face, while there aren't a huge number of us out there, it's a great procedure for veins like this that can easily be gotten rid of.

Veins showing after Botox

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The veins are usually not visible because the surrounding muscles are keep them pushed against the underlying bones. Once Botox has relaxed the muscles the veins can pop out.

Unfortunately there is no good solution to that problem.


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Prominent vein and botox

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There might be a few reasons to see a bulging vein in the forehead after Botox. If there was a vein injected the vein might have clamped down and there could be pressure build-up especially when frowning and the muscles push on the vein further. Possibly the adjacent muscles that were not treated by the Botox are overcompensating and compressing the uninjured vein.

You will probably notice improvement over time. See your doctor for further follow-up examinations.

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