I Had a Nose Job 5 Days Ago. Went Back to Work Today and I'm Looking Down a Lot. Will That Affect It?

I'm worried being at work all day & looking down at my computer keyboard and paperwork will make my nose bulbous, lumpy or ruin it somehow. I also lifted my 45 pound dog a few times in the last few days. What will happen? Am I ruining my beautiful new nose? It still has a cast on it. And 5 days now, I'm still bleeding & leaking mucus. Is that normal? I also now have swelling & bruising in my jaw area. No work was done there.

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When to return to work after rhinoplasty

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I don't think there is anything specific about looking down at your keyboard which will effect the outcome of your rhinoplasty.  I do think you are pushing it a bit going back to work in 5 days.  I usually recommend that my patients plan a week of downtime and not return to work until the protective splint is removed.  I also recommend against significant lifting (such as your dog) for the first couple of weeks.  Bloody drainage in a moderate amount is not unexpected at this point.  Good luck with the rest of your recovery period and try to take it a little bit easy!

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