I Had my Nose Broken Had Rhynoplasty Surgery? (photo)

I had my nose broken 4 times playing football . First time i had rhynoplasty surgery it was a success then i got it broke again. But i noticed after the swelling started to go down the bottom of my nose looks very bent. was at my doc and he said it was only to do with the swelling now the swelling is fully gone and my nose looks worse than ever before its fully bent at the bottom. Can i get it fixed with out haveing to break the bridge of my nose again?

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Sports injuries can cause nasal deformity

In my patients who are playing active, contact sports I often tell them to consider whether or not a rhinoplasty is a good idea.  They may want to wait until they have stopped playing the sport before they undergo the nose correction to avoid a re injury.

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Current surgical techniques

Current surgical techniques such as open rhinoplasty, and reconstruction with cartilage and autologos cartilage grafts, you can get almost any result.

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Rhinoplasty Revision

    After this much trauma to the nose, you are unlikely to get a perfectly straight nose.  I would discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon after you have waited a year from the last surgery to determine if he or she would recommend another surgery.  Fillers or cartilage grafting may be used to camouflage some of the irregularity or asymmetry.

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