I Had my Lipodissolve July 23 and Vaser Lipo Aug. 29,will That Affects the Result of my Vaser Lipo?

i had my lipodissolve july 23 and vaser lipo aug 29, will that affects the result of my vaser lipo? my doctor told she had a hard time taking out the fats.

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Vaser Lipo Results

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Thank you for your question. The lipo dissolve tends to leave scar tissue and very fibrous tissue making fat extraction very difficult. Without a Vaser or similar ultrasonic machine, fat removal is next to impossible. Vaser is in my honest opinion, the best way to address these difficult tissue extractions. I hope this helps.

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LipoDissolve and Vaser Lipo

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Any previous treatments to the fatty tissue in your body, including LipoDissolve or previous liposuction can make it more difficult to do secondary body contouring and fat removal. A thorough preoperative evaluation should be able to determine YOUR expected results with Vaser liposuction. Even with the Vaser, it may be difficult to remove fat that has been scarred in from previous treatments.

Thanks for your question. Best of luck!


Gregory C. Park, M.D.

Gregory Park, MD
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