I Had my Columella Raised. Now There is a Roll of Fat Under my Nose. Can This Be Removed/reduced? (photo)

I had revision rhinoplasty and the doctor raised my columella and now when I smile there is a roll of fat the smushed between my lip and nose. It looks horrible in picutres. I'm devastated. I had told him that I wanted my infratip raised and I had no idea he was going to cut off part of my columella. Can the fat right under my columella be reduced or removed so I don't get a roll when I smile?

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Orbicularis Muscle Activity

It is most likely orbicularis muscle activity. To correct this, some Botox injections could help you. It's important that you visit an experienced facial plastic surgeon for injections.

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Roll under columella after revision rhinoplasty

It looks like there was some damage to muscle tissue that now leaves you with an adynamic (unmoving) segment when you smile.  This contour can be improved with some more surgery, but the work is delicate and not commonly performed.  The revision would involve exposing the muscle tissue in the area and removing or folding up the damaged part so that when you smile all the tissue moves together.  be sure to consult a Board Certified plastic surgeon with a lot of revision rhinoplasty experience.

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