I Had my First Brazilian Laser Removal and Experienced Serious Burns. Will It Heal Normally?

I had my first Brazilian laser hair removal yesterday using the Apogee Elite. I am in between skin type III and IV, light-skinned Asian. I had great results at this same location doing my underarms. However, the tech did not tell me I couldn't be on an antibiotic prior to the Brazilian treatment and didn't even use a strength close to what was used on my underarms. Will this heal normally? What should I do besides ice and hydrocotisone? Will there be scarring?

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Burns after laser hair removal

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I am sorry to hear about your burns. I would suspect the burns are related to darker skin color or tan in the area treated. The reaction is unrelated completely to use of an antibiotic. You should focus now on getting the area healed. Wash area once or twice a day with gentle soap or cleanser, while area is still damp apply a healing ointment such as vaseline/petroleum jelly or aquaphor, cover areas if possible and protect from rubbing or abrasion. A topical steroid can be used once the wounds have healed to help prevent post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or skin darkening. Regarding future treatments, you may need a device with better skin cooling or a longer wavelength such as a 1064 nm Yag, or lower energy setting of the laser.

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