I Had my Belly Fat Injected Under my Eyes, 3 Months Ago and Have Been Left with Lumps and Bruises. What Do I Do Now?

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Arnica ointment after fat grafting

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Early application of Arnica ointment such as Bruisestick can help improve the bruising and residual swelling underneath the skin. 

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Fat Grafting under Eyes

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   Although granulomas or fat necrosis can occur with fat grafting, a physical exam would be needed to sort this out.  In general, eyelid surgery is best to deal with the eyelid, and the fat grafting should be confined to the area below the eyelid.

Fat granulomas after fat grafting under eyes

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The lumps you are seeing/feeling maybe localized inflammatory reactions to the grafted fat (fat granulomas).  Serial injections with 5-fluourauracil or kenalog (steroid) can help to expedite the resolution of these granulomas.  The bruising may be helped with a Q-switched or pulsed-dye laser.  Follow up with your surgeon to discuss options for treating your concerns, and if you are unsatisfied with his/her plan, it may be wise to find someone competent with these procedures.  

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Lumps & bruises after fat injection

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This would require an in-person evaluation to give you an accurate opinion.  There are a number of options, none of them particularly easy:
1)  injection of kenalog into the "bumps"
2)  use of a filler to try to smooth in-between areas, either more fat or HA's
3) micro-cannula removal of irregular fat deposits.
4) hydroquinone-type lightening cream to "bruises"

Fat and lumps under eyes

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It's best to follow up with your provider for a full assessment and to determine what the next best step would be. It's very difficult to answer your question without knowing more details about your procedure or seeing you in person to discuss at length.

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Eyelid troughs, under eyes, lumps, bruises

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Dear dogearedanddifficult

Love your creativity.

Lumps are not unusual when injected below or into the eyelids.

These may be corrected by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area with the Injection of Fluorouracil/Kenalog followed by Juvederm or additional fat injections as well as micro-laser liposuction.

In unusual cases the eyelid may need to be opened to remove the fat.

I am sure that your doctor or a specialist will be better equipped to decide once you consult with them.  Cheers.

Luis A. Cenedese, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

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