I Am 7 Months After Implant and Almost a Year After the Mastectomy. It Feels Like It is Swollen?

Ialways have the feeling like it is swollenunder the implent. it feel very uncomfortable. My doctor say it is nothing and everything is of. I amnot sure if it is the way I should feel for now, is it going to stay forever?

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Changes can occur several months after placement of an implant in breast reconstruction

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Depending on the permanent implant placement, healing in the pocket and the surrounding tissue healing there can be changes several months after the placement of a device.  If there is concern for fluid or the integrity of the device ultrasound can evaluate the area for fluid easily.

Swollen breast after 7 months

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At 7 months after mastectomy and reconstruction most swelling should be gone.  With your concerns, you should see your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Swollen Under Implant at 7 Months

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    Any concern for swelling or infection should be evaluated your plastic surgeon, which it has.  Pain and sensations tend to improve over the first year. 

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