I Am 1 Month Post-op. Is Everything OK with my Nose, Possible That I Have Shifted Some Grafts?

Hi I am very worring about my new nose, I am very afraid that I have maybe caused something that has affected my result.. Is that possible that I have shifted something? It looks good and straight, only swelling and that is normal, but how can you cause to shift cartilage grafts? I had sneezed 2 days post-op accidentaly through my nose but I hadnt any bleeding or pain... I am waiting for your answers, Thank you very much

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Concerns with Healing One Month Out From Rhinoplasty

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John, I would not be too concerned if I were you. At one month out from surgery you certainly don't want to be touching your nose (unless recommended to do so explicitly by your surgeon) or playing with it. Those are the kind of things that might cause inadvertent shifting of cartilage and/or grafts that might negatively impact your final result. When sneezing make sure to open your mouth to divert air away from the inside of your nose. If you are that concerned, make a follow-up appointment with your rhinoplasty surgeon to get checked. Hopefully you are doing just fine, though. Happy healing.

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