I Have Had Moles Removed Just over a Aweek Ago I Have Noticed Merkyness on Them is This Infection?

Ellman removal of moles..im keeping moist but fear they are becoming yellowish. Should I take antibiotics?

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Mole removal

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It is important to keep the area clean and to keep the area moist.  If you have concerns about it healing, I would recommend that you see your physician for follow-up. 

Moles are appearing yellowish after removals

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Most likely, the areas are just fine. Some sticky yellowish fluid can build up in removal sites and open wounds and it's a form of healing that your body does. Clean your sites at least a few times a day and remove the yellow goop, as well as any scabbing or crustiness that appears. Keep them moist with either an antibiotic cream or Vaseline or Aquaphor. If the sites do have an infection of some kind, it won't just be yellow, it will be red, itchy, and spreading around the areas that were removed. You are fine and don't need antibiotics.

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