I Had a Mini Tummy Tuck. Since then my Stomach Has Been Lumpy with Fat. What Can I Do?

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Lumpy result after mini tummy tuck

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Without photos it's difficult to tell you what may have happened with your mini tummy tuck. I recommend following up with your plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns and to find out if anything can be done to improve your results.

Thanks for your question. Best of luck.


Gregory C. Park, M.D.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Problems after mini-TT

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To answer this I would need a bit more info--a photo would be helpful, and an idea of when your surgery was performed.  The answers would be considerably different if it is early in the post-operative period as opposed to a year or more out. 

One answer would not change--the recommendation that you discuss any areas of dissatisfaction with your surgeon.

Thanks, best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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