I’m 28, Can I Use Botox and What is the Side Effect of Botox in Young Age?

I’m 28 and some forehead lines appear on my face, can a doctor tell me that are you recommending me to use Botox? What will be the said effect of this injection in young age? Please any doctor

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Botox at 28

There is no right or wrong age for the use of Botox.  People age differently, so there may be some people in their 20's with some lines on their faces.  You mentioned that you have lines on your forehead.  Whether these are horizontal lines that run across your forehead, or the vertical lines in between your eyebrows, Botox can help.  Not only will it help reduce the lines you currently have, but it can prevent them from getting worse.  I would recommend consulting with a doctor who is experienced with Botox to see if you are a good candidate or not.

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Botox in young people

Thank you for your question. Patients are starting to use Botox at younger and younger ages. They can even start in their 20s and typically want to retain the smooth appearance of the forehead/frown region and their crows feet to prevent the lines from appearing in the future. The treatment lasts for several months but in some patients, they can last even 6 months.

Botox is fine at 28

Statistically, the average woman begins to show signs of facial aging around the age of 25.

By using Botox earlier in life, you may actually keep wrinkles or lines from forming.  My clinical experience has demonstrated that Botox (or other nueromodulators such as Dysport and Xeomin) do help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles over time -- If you relax the muscles, they don't have the opportunity to contract and affect the skin surface.

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Botox safety in young patients

the FDA approved Botox for 18 years and greater for spastic limbs and greater than 12 years old for certain eyelid muscle conditions. Cosmetically, Botox is used with less numbers of units than often used for limb spasticity. Patients in their late twenties and early thirties commonly get Botox injected with a high benefit vs. risk profile.

Speak to your doctor about the risks pertaining to you.

The information provided in Dr. Shelton's answer is for educational purposes only and is not intended to constitute medical advice.  The information provided should not be relied upon as a substitute for consultations with a qualified health professional who may be familiar with your individual medical needs.

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Botox and age

It is perfectly acceptable to get Botox treatments at 28 and often done as a preventative measure to keep fine lines at bay. Side effects are minimal. Benefits are many!

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Botox at 28

There is no defined "age limit" for Botox, and I have hundreds of patients in their 20's who come for Botox. Botox works by relaxing the facial muscles that cause wrinkles and lines in the skin. Therefore, getting Botox at your age can prevent these wrinkles from every appearing. It's great aging prevention. There are no "side effects" to having Botox done at a young age. In the right physicians hands, you will always look natural and the Botox effects should not be noticeable, especially at your age.

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Using Botox at 28 years of age

There is no predetermined age when Botox should be used, and potential side effects will not be different because of your age. However, Botox is only FDA approved for patients 18 or older. Every patient has their own individual circumstances, and their needs will differ. If there are no wrinkles present, it will not help. But if there are lines present on your forehead, Botox is a great option.

Botox is primarily used to smooth wrinkles in an area.  It is commonly used for:

1) Forehead wrinkles
2) Crow's feet
3) Glabella (11 lines)
4) Small wrinkles above the upper lip known as "smoker's lines."
5) To raise the corners of the mouth

I would recommend an exam by a qualified physician to determine how you may benefit from Botox injections. Thanks and good luck!

Botozx at 28

It is quite common for me to see patients your age in my office.  Botox is one of the best things around for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles such as the ones you have. Rather than "plumping" like collagen and fat, Botox blocks the impulses that nerves send to muscles, essentially paralyzing the muscles and diminishing their ability to tense. Using a very fine needle, the surgeon injects Botox in small doses where the facial muscles are most active--between the eyebrow and at the sides of the eyes, or beside the mouth. After receiving treatment, you're forbidden to lie down for several hours, because the medicine can absorb unevenly. It takes one to three days to see the effects, and the treated area will continue to improve for up to two weeks. That's when I schedule my patients to return, to see if a touch-up is needed.

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Botox or Dysport at age 28: What are the side effects in a younger patient?

Botox and Dysport work the same in patients of any age. The trick is going to an experienced, conservative, board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who has a lot of experience with injecting these muscle-weakening agents and who is willing to turn you away if you are too young to start or do not need it even at an advanced age because a) you don't have the right kind of wrinkles, or b) you somehow escaped having them at all and it would be a waste of your time and money. Go to a doctor willing to say "not yet" and possibly even not charge you for that conversation.


It is fair to use a small amount in some people younger than 30 if there are already deeply etched lines that will only get worse over time, and if they are the kind of lines caused by facial expression. Remember that our goal is not to wipe out facial expression, but just to soften skin creasing with expression.

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Botox at a young age

Botox has been used in almost all ages now, even children have had it for cerebral palsy and club foot. As for cosmetic use, Botox can be used as a treatment or preventative measure, and so if you have forehead or frown lines, Crow's feet or Bunny lines, or other wrinkles amenable to Botox, there is no reason you shouldn't start treatment sooner rather than later to prevent those lines from etching in.

Benjamin Barankin, MD
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