I Lost my Right Lateral Incisor when I Was 8, Didn't Grow Back Since? (photo)

I lost my right lateral incisor when i was 8, didn't grow back since, had x-ray, the teeth is somewhere at the roof of my mouth, deformed, now i'm 19 so my upper teeth shifted to the right, when looking into the mirror, the front teeth doesn't align with the center line of my face, the line falls right on the middle of my left sided front tooth. also i have mild overbite. what is the best way to have my teeth fixed? how much would it cost roughly?

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Missing lateral incisor, what can I do

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I would suggest you seek care from an orthodontist.  Without xrays and a complete orthodontic workup it would be difficult to give you your options.

Philadelphia Dentist
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Correcting your smile with a missing permanent lateral incisor.

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While it appears that you upper right canine has moved into the upper right lateral incisor position, it is impossible from your photo to evaluate the extent of your malocclusion (bad bite) or shifting midline due to this asymmetric condition. While you should have an orthodontic consultation to determine the extent of your tooth position issues, there are a number of cosmetic options to improve the appearance of your smile. These also include cosmetic bonding and/or porcelain laminate veneers. Many times we can change the shape of these teeth to accommodate a missing permanent tooth or misshaped tooth such as making a canine look more like a lateral incisor. The cost of these options can vary tremendously depending on the extent of the treatment recommended. A consultation with a good cosmetic dentist will be able to provide these options and the respective costs for you to make an intelligent informed decision. 

Right Lateral Incisor Missing

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I suggest you get a few orthodontic consultations. This diagnosis cannot be made without seeing your X-rays and evaluating your current bite and discussing with you your expectations.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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